I don't know you tell me

Okay…so now, tell me, what should I do?
I need homework, can you give me homework?
So what do I do with that information?
So how do I change that thing that I do?  Preferably, can you give me the quick route?
So what book or spiritual teacher or podcast or retreat will save me?
I read this one book and it said that my back is hurting because of this specific trauma in my childhood, is that true?

(Questions from people I talk to)
My answer to all of these questions is I don’t know, you tell me? 

I am not a guru of your life, I am a guru of my own. And only of my own.

I cannot tell you how to live, what step by step process will save you, what book will change you, what homework will transform you.
I am a guide, simply a guide to help you understand what you want to do to save yourself, fix yourself, see yourself as already whole, transform, be more authentic, be more peaceful, whatever it is YOU are after. 
I cannot decide what you need or want. That is not for me to decide.
I can help you see more of what is true inside of you.

I can help you become aware of things you may not see just yet.

I can help you listen to more of what you are saying.

I can help you see your responsibility within your life.

I can help you get clear on what you want. 

I can help you use your OWN life experiences to be more of what you want.
And I can show you mine as a mere reflection of your own.
We are all unique, our life is unique, our growth is unique, our experiences our unique, our perspectives are unique, and what we want is unique.
We are not the same. 

And so it is impossible to have a step-by-step process or a book or a system that solves all of our problems. Nope, not going to happen. 
And yet as a society we have done just that. One hair shampoo that will make every woman’s hair shine, one money system that everyone will benefit from, I could go on and on and on. And so we are looking for that.  

One system, one quick fix, the one thing that will save us from our own knowing, our own voice.
And so those questions I asked above, those are the questions we ask because we are looking outside of ourselves for the answers.
Our answers lie within. Our power is within.
Every single time someone asks me one of those questions, I say I don’t know, you tell me? 

I can tell you what I do or what my experience is and I am happy to do that. But it is not yours. It is a mere reflection.  So take it as that and allow yourself to see yourself through me, not as me. 
We are not one from the perspective of, we are all the same. We are not.
We are one because we were all born and we will all die and we are all human (at least I think). These are the only things we have 100% in common.   
When we begin to see each other as different and when we begin to honor and respect our differences and our life experiences, when we stop judging and blaming and deciding that you are wrong and I am right or I am right and you are wrong, things might change.

Sent With a Whole Lotta Love and Fierceness.