the journey toward creating a life you want

I find myself talking about the same things to all of my clients.  

I hear words like busy, overwhelmed, disconnected, unsatisfied, unhappy, anxious, and depressed. 

It had me thinking how everyone is struggling with the same things.

Which also has me thinking that we are all connected in a web of thoughts.

Which also has me thinking that if you want to change parts of your life you have to work at it.

It doesn't just happen overnight. You have to work at it.

I always reflect to my clients things I hear them saying and the response is...Sooooo what do I do now?

And I say, I don't know, you tell me.  What do you want to do after hearing what I have said?

Or I say, sit with it. Think about it. And then decide what you want to do. You don't need to know it all right now.  Give yourself time.

The process of change is messy and uncomfortable and you won't always know all the answers. You aren't supposed to know it all.

In fact, the not-knowing is the creative part. It's the part that is fun.

  • Creating new thought patterns.

  • Taking new actions.

  • Communicating in a new way.

  • Painting a new picture of your life.

  • Using your time differently.

This is creative. 

The journey toward creating more of what you want in your life, whether it be more time with your kids, a deeper connection with your partner, more money, a more peaceful presence is really creative and that is what makes life and change fun and exciting. 

Creation is how we play with life. 

The actual manifestation or physical experience or the outcome is satisfying but it's not as fun as the process.

Also, I hear the same desire from all of my clients...

>>>  You WANT a healthy relationship with life  <<<

It is what we all want.

Most of us don't know how to do that because we want a script but it's different for everyone.

The part that's the same is, things have to change.  You have to change.  And you have to work at it. 

And its messy and courageous and beautiful and uncomfortable.

And it creates happiness.

Congratulations, if you read this all the way through, you desire change. You desire creativity. You desire to play with life. You desire happiness.

You are ready. You are already doing it.