WDS 2014

I recently returned from WDS 2014 (World Domination Summit).  My great friend, Ali Schiller, invited me and I said yes because anything done with her is bound to be fun.

WDS is a conference for people who live their lives in a non-conventional way.  It looks from the outside to be a conference for entrepreneurs, but it is so much more.

Chris Guillebeau, author of  “The Art of Non-Conformity Blog” and “The $100 Startup”, is the head of the conference.  He is super cool because he is doing remarkable work and he is genuine and very real! What a treat to see and meet him.

WDS brings people, who are living unconventional lives, together to show “just how possible anything is”. We are unique individuals, with unique skills, and are job in this world it to live in a way that cultivates that.  Take what you’ve got and dominate, not in a crazy-ego way, but in a way that says, yes I CAN choose how I want to live my life and I will help others in the process.

I returned with strong drive within me to be more of me, do more of what I want to, and trust that everything is happening exactly as it should be.

Next month, at the end of August, I am co-leading a retreat at the Land Of Medicine Buddha. If you are feeling the need to get away to a really cool spot, join Kate Coughlin and I.

Thank you for listening, for reading, for being you!

With Love, Light, and Soulfulness

Shauna Lay