Commit to Yoga

Hey there,

So, tonight I finished teaching my first “Commit to Yoga” workshop.  It was a five-week workshop and we talked about YOGA.

We didn’t just talk about yoga as a thing we do for exercise, although that was certainly included.  More importantly, we talked about yoga as a way of life, as an experience.

When I came up with the idea to teach this workshop I wasn’t totally sure what I would teach. I knew it was needed because many of my students were expressing their difficulty starting a home practice.  I thought we would talk about committing to the asana practice but as the weeks went by what happened was different.  What happened is that we started to talk about yoga as a way of life.  We talked about the inspiration, the questions, the exploration, and the frustrations that arise from “committing to yoga”. We talked about how yoga is a way of life.  We talked about how yoga is so much more than the asana practice.   In the end, each person felt the freedom to explore, develop and share “their yoga”.

And then it occurred to me…

I  shared my whole self, not the teacher who walks in the class and teaches an asana sequence.  But the teacher who gets to share all of herself.  All of the reading, the writing, the thoughts, the frustrations, the discoveries, that have made me who I am today.  I was able to share “my yoga”.

And I loved it…I am grateful…

Thank you for listening, for reading, for being you!

With Love, Light, and Soulfulness

Shauna Lay