The word busy is keeping you busy

Last week I created a list of things I had to do.  I was planning two birthday parties, I started a 5-week yoga workshop in addition to my other work and classes, I was shooting yoga videos, and we were headed up north to camp.  For me this is a lot.  I don’t usually pack my day, week, or month like this.

I had a phone call scheduled on the day where my to-do list was largest.  I knew I would not have a lot of time to talk.  So I wrote her a message asking if we could re-schedule for the evening.  My message was…Hi, I have a tightly scheduled day so if we talk in the evening it would give us more freedom to chat.

That one sentence really got me because I purposely avoided the word busy, I always do, I hardly ever use it, because I think it is an OVERUSED word.  So I used tightly scheduled (which is what was) and then realized that if we moved our conversation to the evening, there would be more freedom.

Freedom is the opposite of busy.  Busy, Free, Busy, Free.

I am all about freedom, freedom is space, space to do as we please, space to live the life we want, to do the things we want.

Create space in your life.  You don’t have to cram your life with things to do.  Here’s a few tips on how to get started.

1.  Prioritize, what is really important to you?  Create your to-do list and then cross off the things that aren’t important.

2.  Words are powerful.  Stop using the word busy, find another way to describe the act of doing a lot.

3.  In those moments when you are waiting for something, breathe.  Don’t look at your phone, don’t call someone. Instead breathe.

Thank you for listening, for reading, for being you!

Written with love,

Shauna Lay