This month I have been working diligently on my business; expanding my services, creating more yoga videos, updating my website and my newsletters. I am going for it.  I am moving out of comfort and into the uncomfortablity of changing.

Whether we create change or not, it can be difficult. But the more change we consciously create, the better we get at dealing with the unexpected. We begin to welcome it knowing that it is followed by growth.

I have been part of an accountability group for the past two years and let me tell you, I have changed.  I make commitments and then I check in with my group weekly.  I tell them whether I did or did not do what I said I would do.  You would think it was just a to do list but it is so much more.  So much more, that I definitely feel 100% comfortable saying, “It is transformational”.  One of my group members recently said, “It is life-changing”!

This week was my last call for this session.  This session I decided I was going to focus on making commitments around my business.  I got a lot accomplished and made some great changes. But on our last call, I got some unexpected change too.

I was telling my group about my week and when it was time for feedback, the words that I heard from my leader and group members were “high expectations” and “is there a lesson?” and “what are you telling yourself that is not really true?”.  I got sad hearing those words because I knew they were right.  I realized in that moment that the lesson and the truth was that I have high expectations of my friends and family.  And then I realized that I have high expectations of myself.  It was a revelation and it was a feeling of damn it!  That is not fair, not fair to myself, and not fair to the people I love.  I’ll be working ON and working OUT this one!

I’ll be singing the “Frozen” song, “Let it be, Let it be, Let it be…”

Accountability Works is brilliant, it reveals to us our own selves which inevitably creates change, expected and unexpected! And when we get to know ourselves, when we really get to know ourselves, we love ourselves fully and completely.

I love this work and I love this conversation and I am so happy to announce that I have joined the Accountability Works team.  And I am offering 4 sessions this Summer.Join Me!

Thank you for listening, for reading, for being you!

With Love, Light, and Soulfulness

Shauna Lay