A beautiful reminder from our kiddos

Dear Friends,

I just got back from dropping my son off at school.

We have a storm brewing here in CA and the news reporters say that it is going to be the worst storm in a decade.  As we all know, the news tends to instill fear in us peeps.

So people are buying water and sandbags and food and such, in preparation.  While I think it is good to prepare for a storm; I also believe that they like to exaggerate just a wee bit.

While us adults are planning for disaster, the kids at my son’s school were laughing and playing and running.

I saw one kid with his arms stretched out, the wind blowing hard at him, his clothes flapping quickly and a huge sense of gratitude for the natural elements.

I saw another kid holding an umbrella, the umbrella was flipping around all about and she was laughing trying to get it to situate itself accordingly so that it would actually do it’s job, keep her from getting wet.

And another kid was using his jacket as a kite. Throwing it up in the air and catching the wind to watch it fly.

It was a beautiful reminder that kids live in the present moment without fear of future disaster.

They welcome the storm with open arms and open hearts.

Might they get scared if it gets really strong, why yes, but that time will come when it does, if it does.

Spend some time today cuddling up, looking outside, and finding joy in whatever you see.

With Love and Light,

Shauna Lay