Why butterflies in your tummy are a good sign

When I was reflecting back on 2016, I was thrilled to learn that I doubled my revenue.  This was amazing considering the year before I was ready to give up completely.

I can definitely attribute it to one thing in particular and it happened at the very beginning of last year.

It made a much bigger imprint than I thought.  Right away I took action on it and I found myself supporting more than 15 clients within the first 6 months of launching my business.

In 12 months I was fully booked and now I am booked until April 2017.

So what is the secret to my success this year?

At the beginning of 2016, I found myself watching a live workshop with the beautiful Gabrielle Bernstein and Kris Carr and the title of the workshop was “Saying Yes to Your Life”.

Shortly after, I found myself saying YES to joining Mentor Masterclass, a 12 month Life Coaching Program taught by the amazing Jeannine Yoder.  It totally changed my life in so many ways!

That was my first YES and it lead me to so many more.

I realized that there something to saying yes, but not to just anything.  There was a trick to it.

The first thing you must do is identify what excitement feels like in your body.  For me it feels like butterflies in my tummy or a quick jolt of pins and needles. Do you remember when you met your first boyfriend?  Do you remember the feeling inside your body?  Describe that feeling.

The next step is to say yes to whatever opportunity or experience makes you feel that way, whatever lights you up.

You see saying yes to what lights you up is like saying yes to yourself.

Don’t worry about how or why, you have to let go of control and let your body lead the way.

Once you get the hang of it you will know right away what is a full blown YES and then you must let go and receive all the goodness that comes from you saying yes to yourself.