How to identify your theme and create a vision board

As I shared last week, I do not create resolutions anymore because they never work. Instead I create a theme.  I choose a positive word to focus on throughout the year.

Having a theme helps you focus on a feeling or an experience that you want to create more of  in your life. Everyone wants to create more of something.


Many of you wrote and said you could not choose one word.  So, I created a short guided meditation to help. Click here to listen to the meditation.

In addition to choosing a theme word, I also create a vision board to support and remind me of my theme.  I thought up the idea when I decided to change my desktop.  I was board of looking at files and wanted to create something inspiring to look at.

I received a lot of questions asking how I created it. So I created a video to show you.  It is really easy and super fun.

Once you have identified your theme, comment below with your WORD.  Declaring your word out loud is as important as identifying it!


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