Change your thoughts, change your life

Have you heard of the book, “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life”, by Dr. Wayne Dyer?

I read it many years ago and the thing that drew me in was the title.  Why?  Because I have always felt that it is difficult to change your thoughts and any tips instantly make my ears perk up.

When it comes to personal development, changing your thoughts is one of the most important things you can doand one of the most difficult.

It is important because your thoughts create your reality.  And for most of us, our reality need some updating.

It is difficult because you cannot see your thoughts.

When we change something like exercise, it is easy to see.  We go from not going to the gym, to signing up, to going 3x a week. We can see that we have changed.

This for me has always been the challenge.  However…

I recently got word to a really cool technique for changing your thoughts.  It is so simple and so awesome.

Watch the video to find out the new cool trick that I love.