the word that drew me in

The other day I wrote an email about listening to a call. I spoke about an email I had received and I couldn’t remember what drew me in. 

And then I realized what it was.  It was the word, SISTERHOOD. 

When I saw the word “sisterhood” and the phrase “the key to having a successful business is sisterhood” I was certainly intrigued because I couldn’t understand how sisterhood could be the key to having a successful business.

So signed up for the Holiday Challenge to find out.

It was the most eye-opening experience. 

I had never experienced a group of women so excited about growth and in support of one another wholeheartedly.

I realized I was coming from a belief that…

  • Women are competitive and envious of one another

  • I have to do things alone

  • I don’t have support from the women around me

  • I have to be alone in my business

  • I don’t have anyone to communicate my ideas with

  • Women around me don’t understand me

  • No one can reflect back to me the gifts they see in me

All of these beliefs are limiting and all of these beliefs were important for me to recognize and then to change. They were vital to the growth of my business and to the growth of myself.

Sisterhood was the key to changing all of them. I no longer believe any of them. 

Here are some other things I have learned from being in sisterhood:

  • You must have a coach to be a great coach.

  • You must have a team of woman always supporting you or you will feel alone.

  • You must have woman in your life that can reflect to you the gifts they see inside of you.

  • You must have other woman who are holding your vision with you for it to happen faster.

  • You must be witnessed in your messiness without judgement in order to move through it.

  • You must have woman who will tell you the truth with love and compassion so you stay truthful with yourself.

  • AND you must learn to do all of these for other women.

This is Sisterhood…true heartfelt, real sisterhood.