my thoughts on spiritual bypassing

Spiritual bypassing.
I have a problem with this term.
I think it is really judgmental.

For a while now I have been hearing people, who work in spiritual communities or teach personal development, using the term spiritual bypassing

It is mostly used when people are talking about another’s path.

It is also used when people are speaking about their own path (in the past).

They say things like he/she is spiritual bypassing or I used to spiritual bypass.

Spiritual bypassing means, the “tendency to use spiritual ideas and practices to sidestep or avoid facing unresolved emotional issues, psychological wounds, and unfinished developmental tasks”. The term was introduced in the early 1980s by John Welwood, a Buddhist teacher and psychotherapist. (Copied from Wikipedia)

In other words, I see it as, humans not wanting to feel the pain of their past or the pain of the collective.

I think the term is detrimental, right now, because of the way it is being used.  

There may be harm in not processing pain, yes, but I believe there is more harm in calling people out on that. Because I hear it as, there is a point on the spiritual path that is wrong. You are doing it wrong.

There is no wrong. As long as humans are working toward the betterment of the self it shouldn’t matter how they are doing it.

It is important to respect the work as a whole. The way in which each individual goes about it is very personal.

Sometimes processing pain can be very hard and it takes time to get there.

I myself, know the importance of processing pain. The more pain we move through, the more it is resolved, the less violence and hatred will be in the world. That I believe.

If others aren’t doing that, that’s okay with me. There are plenty of humans that are. Those that aren’t ready, will probably be at some point, especially with the guidance of the right person.

I have no interest in judging where others are at on their journey.

I am focused on teaching others how to live a more conscious aware life. I am focused on helping others process their pain in complete safety with NO JUDGEMENT.

I am not focused on judging others or myself for how that is being done.

For the people who are processing pain and helping others process their pain for the purposes of healing and creating less violence and hatred in the world, keep doing that.

The world needs more honor of one another so that we aren’t afraid to be seen and heard. We don’t need more judgement.