sometimes you hear the call

Sometimes you hear a call to do something and you don’t understand it. In fact, you don’t even think it is possible. So you ignore it.  And you keep trying to do something else and it keeps failing. And then you decide to listen and magic happens.

This is the exact thing that happened to me in 2015. My husband had been telling me for years to become a life coach. I knew he was right but I just couldn’t imagine how I could make that happen.

I had already invested thousands of hours and so much money into my yoga business. I wasn’t getting the ROI that I had wanted or expected. I couldn’t imagine spending more time and money in my business. Part of me just wanted to quit.

One day, I found myself calling my best friend, crying.  She asked me a really good question. She said, what do you want?  What do you really want?

After allowing myself to cry, I answered her. I knew what I wanted. I wanted to create a mind, body, and soul program for women. One that encompassed all of my work and all of who I am.  I wanted it to be a program where I could teach yoga and so much more.

And I knew my vision would require me to enter into the world of Life Coaching.

A couple months later, Nisha Moodley, a coach I had been following for a while sent an email (like I am sending now) about a colleague who was leading a Holiday Challenge, Jeannine Yoder.

I don’t remember what drew me in.  I don’t remember the words she used.

Later, I realized I was joining the Mentor Masterclass holiday Challenge. The MM Holiday Challenge is a 30 day challenge and everyday you receive a challenge presented to you by an amazing coach. It’s a rich experience filled with learning and growing.

It was those challenges that lead me to joining Mentor Masterclass, a program designed to teach women how to design a successful coaching business. Essentially it is an all-in-one training for Life Coaching.

And so, like that, I became a certified Life Coach.

Saying yes to the Holiday Challenge and to Mentor Masterclass was one of the best decisions I have made in my business and in my life.

I am forever grateful to my husband for planting the seed, to Nisha for presenting the stem, and to Jeanine for the water and the sun.

My flower bloomed beyond what I thought possible.