stepping into the unknown

I took a month off work.

In that month my husband and I traveled to France and Greece.

It was rocky at first. We don’t speak French, we have never been to France. It was me and him on our own navigating a new place far away from home. Would we find our hotels, would we be able to sleep with the time change, would we find good food, would we….

It reminded me of a time in New York City when we took the subway and went the wrong direction before we found the right one.

Or the time we found ourselves in Mexico renting a car in the middle of nowhere with our two young children.

It brings up an uneasy feeling.  I feeling of where am I, what am I doing, I think this was a bad idea, I think I should just turn around and go home. 

Do you know that feeling? That feeling of…I made a mistake. I take it back.

This isn’t just about traveling, it happens anytime we make a change or do something that is uncomfortable, even if we really want it.

I see this in my clients all of the time. They get inspired, they make a change, they get excited, and then boom!  All the uncomfortable emotions arise.

But then something remarkable happens.  They come out of it happier, more satisfied, more trusting of themselves.  They find peace and joy in their own courage. They see that they are making decisions that increase their happiness because they are in line with their truth. 

There is nothing better than that.  When I got on the plane to come home from my travels, I was different, I was changed and I was so happy! I remembered the courage it took to go there and be there.  I was reminded of the uncomfortable moments and they became fun.  I sat in the memory of all the beautiful sunsets I watched every day while in Greece.

Comfort keeps you stuck. 

Discomfort helps you grow.

Whether it is going to a new place, ending a job and beginning another, moving to a new home, a new city, it is all taking a leap of faith, trusting that you will be okay and in fact you will be better because you stepped into the unknown and that creates growth and more happiness.

So what is it that you want to do? What is your soul asking of you? Where are you being asked to step into the unknown?  Are you willing to take the risk? Are you willing to accept discomfort? 

If so, you will find happiness there, I promise.

It would be great to share some thoughts below.

PS: Here are some of my favorite pics from our vacation!

Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 5.30.43 PM.png