Spreading the message of love, connection, healing, and support

This past weekend I had the honor of teaching a group of amazing, compassionate, inspirational, vulnerable women.

Each one so unique, so essential to the growth of humanity as a whole. Yet each one questioning their own uniqueness and joy and worth.

I am tired of the…I am not enough, I don’t believe, I am not deserving, I cannot do it, it’s my fault.

I am on a mission to dissolve these fears so that we can all come together and heal together and heal the world.

On Sunday we lay down in Savasana holding hands listening to a beautiful song whose words touched my heart…“Peace to all, Life to all, Love to all.” These words were repeated over and over and I could feel how much I wanted this for all humanity.

And then Monday morning I woke up to yet another devastating attack in Las Vegas and many thoughts ran through my head but one thing came forward that felt strong.
“Keep doing the work”
“Keep doing your work”
“Keep spreading the message of love, connection, healing, and support”
“Keep your head up sister”

I took a shower, put on my clothes, and showed up for my husband, my children, the men and women I came across, for the women I was serving that day.

In every moment I was honest with my truth and my knowing and who I am. I am willing to do the work and I hope we all are.  It is important now more then ever.

Let’s stop blaming, hating, disconnecting, separating, shaming…all the things.  Heal these pieces of yourself and heal them fast.  WE have work to do and WE need you. WE need your essence, your uniqueness, your joy, your voice, your brilliance, your support, and your connection. WE need you! NOW! Share YOUR thoughts with me in the comments below..WE can do this.

With Love + SO much Appreciation,