Be the change you wish to see

The only way we will change the world is if we change ourselves. You know the saying, “be the change you wish to see“, well it became famous for a reason, because it’s true.

I wish to see total acceptance of all people, regardless of race, age, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, religion, beliefs, or way of living. We are all human beings striving for acceptance and love, to be seen and heard. To be witnessed as we are. To be accepted. To be happy. To experience divine love. Acceptance of self and of others develops deep connection. We need more connection.

And when I hear “we must begin with ourselves” they are right again.

We cannot look to others or wait for others to save us or create our experience or make us happy or be the change we wish to see. Because we will blame them when they don’t meet our expectations. That does nothing for us. Nothing at all.

We have to act upon our dream and our desires. That is what we wish to change. Become the example of what you wish to change. If you strive for peace in the world, become peace. If you strive for happiness, become it. If you strive for freedom, become it. If you strive for all of it, become the master of all of it.

So, what do you want? What’s your dream for the world? I’m giving you permission to share your dream. Don’t keep it inside that does nothing for you or for me or for anyone else. You have been given privilege and opportunity. Do not waste it by dreaming quietly. Do not waste it by looking to others to dream it for you. You have a unique dream, there is only one you. Tell me what it is!

Okay now tell me, what are your patterns, the ones that are stopping you from making the change you wish to see? Do you know? We all have inherent patterns that are sometimes unknown to us. They were developed at some point in time, a belief, a personality trait, or a behavior. Usually there is one that is really strong and present and it is the one that is keeping us stuck and waiting right now. Maybe you feel you are not good enough or smart enough. Or maybe you want control or maybe you don’t take care of yourself or maybe you are scared that you won’t be needed. Or maybe you are a people pleaser. Whatever your pattern is, you have to find it and look at it. And then you have to stop it or it will stop you.

Can you feel the pain in the pattern? Can you feel how it feels to do the opposite of what your pattern is? Can you feel how painful it is to stop it? We can only disrupt it if we are willing to look at it and feel it’s pain. If it stops us from change, it is a painful pattern. It has anxiety, sadness, fear, depression, or some other painful emotion in it. Usually it has more than one. The only way to disrupt is to do the opposite, to fully feel it and act anyway. So if you are a people pleaser you have to stop people pleasing. It won’t be easy but it is necessary. The only way to change is to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. I promise you that!

No person that became the change they wished to see said it was easy. But they did it anyway.

Martin Luther King made a significant impact in the world of racism. Imagine the adversity he underwent in order to create that change, in order to become the change he wished to see.

Are you ready to get comfortable with being uncomfortable so that you can be the change you wish to see in the world? So that YOU can become your dream, your desire? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

We need you!