Happy Wednesday! Happy Spring!

Spring is a time for clearing out the old stuff (decluttering) and starting new projects.  The energy of spring is fresh and new. As I walk around and notice all the new growth, I really feel the energy of spring.

Summer is a time for working hard and celebrating. It is a time for playing.  The energy of summer is work hard, play hard.  I love summer for that reason.

Autumn is a time when completion of the harvest happens. It is a great time for finishing projects.  The energy of Autumn is soft and nurturing. It is a time for wrapping things up, going inward and letting go.

Winter is a time for resting, renewing, and making plans for the future. The energy of winter is restful and new.

As we enter Spring I thought it would be a good time to announce a new project I am excited about!

I am hosting a retreat in the beautiful, most amazing little town of Occidental, CA (near Santa Rosa, CA) ….and I could not be more thrilled!!  I have been wanting to teach at The Lotus Feed for over two years and I finally secured a spot.

It is happening at the onset of Autumn, specifically Thursday Sept 28th – Sunday Oct 1st. I chose this time specifically because it is Autumn and for me, this season is always a time where I need lots of opportunity for healing, nourishment, quiet space, and reflection.

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Autumn is the time when the cycle that began in the spring, reaches completion. The fruit is harvested, things are cleared away, so that space can be made for a new beginning. It is important in this season to watch your balances and to give yourself time for settlement and reflection. You naturally go through a process of clearing out and it is wise not to make any important decisions.”

-Petra Ummenthun

The only decisions you will have to make during your time at The Lotus Feed is where you will spend your time.

Meaning you will get to do as you please, yep I said it, you get to choose how you want to spend every moment of your time.

You will be given an array of opportunities for healing, nourishment, quiet space, and reflection including yoga classes, meditation classes, medicine making class, and massages.

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