Messy is the new cool

Messy is the new cool…

There is a lot of buzz around the idea of showing up as you are, whether it be messy or put together. By messy I don’t mean sweatpants and bed head, although that counts too and it doesn’t mean you are allowed to complain about your life.

By messy I mean coming in with the truth of what is going on with you.

When someone asks how are you? We normally respond with good. But the truth is we aren’t always good.

We are human beings and we get sad and frustrated and angry, We have a range of emotions. And in each given moment they change depending on our circumstances.

When we begin to show up in truth, in all of its imperfection and messiness, life feels easier because we don’t have to hide or pretend we have it all together or that everything is perfect.

We don’t have to pretend that kale was our dinner last night when it was ice cream or that our kids spent the day outside when really they watched tv all day and you did too.

Living in a truthful world of imperfection and messiness opens up the door for truth and messiness for all woman, men and children alike.

When we open up we allow others to do the same.

This is one of the many ways I connect with my children.  I show them what messy is by being messy.  I show up in my truth which is not always pretty and put together.  Sometimes I feel angry, resentful, frustrated.  They learn that it is okay to have these emotions and it is okay to be messy.

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I invite you to open your world to imperfection. Accepting who you are and where you are at with all of your messiness.

I accept you and I’ll meet you wherever you are at with open arms and the words “it is going to be ok no matter what”.