Autumn Healing Journey 2019

with shauna lay and guests


Autumn Healing is a 3 day all-inclusive women’s retreat offering you the space to rest and totally be cared for. Autumn is a natural time for inward reflection and healing. Yoga classes, workshops, meditations, healing foods, nature and relaxation serve as a way to heal your body and your mind.

At this time we have no idea where we will host this journey or what dates it will be.  If you trust us and you desire to secure your space now, please read below. This is a practice of FULL TRUST.

with shauna lay


Every woman who heals herself,

heals all the women who came before her

and all the women who come after her.


The weekend will be an offering of total healing with yoga and workshop classes each day as well as time to gather in circle for healing rituals. 

(Massages usually available upon request)

There will be plenty of free time to explore the space that surrounds us.

All to promote inner healing and transformation.


A huge part of this retreat experience is food. Wherever we decide to host our next journey, it will have high quality, nourishing food because we believe food is natural healing medicine.   

All to promote inner healing and transformation.

“Autumn is the time when the cycle that began in the spring, reaches completion. The fruit is harvested, things are cleared away, so that space can be made for a new beginning. It is important in this season to watch your balances and to give yourself time for settlement and reflection. You naturally go through a process of clearing out and it is wise not to make any important decisions.”

-Petra Ummenthun


We have no idea what the accomodations will be like but we require a certain kind of “attention to detail” when searching for the perfect place to host this journey. We are excited to see what comes forward on our search for a new place. 

Natural beautiful surroundings are also very important to us.  We believe that nature is natural medicine that heals us as soon as we look at the sky, breathe in the air, and plant our feet on the soil of the earth.


We have no idea what the cost will be.  We imagine it will be around the cost of the last two years, which was between $1000-$1500.

A $500 non-refundable deposit to secure your spot. $200 off the total cost if you sign up before March 1st. Remainder of payment due June 5th.  Payment plans may be available upon request. Email for details.

(Cost does not include flights and transportation from airport. The closest airports to Occidental are SFO and OAK.)



Hi, I am Shauna Lay and I am a Life Coach and Yoga Teacher.

I have been coaching and teaching for over 17 years.

My work is in reflecting back to you what you already know deep inside.

I can feel it through your words and your energetic field.

I am here for you, in witness of your brilliance. 

Are you ready to discover your brilliant essence?

Learn more about me.