How to Go For What You Want In 2016

When I was writing this I couldn’t stop singing…”Life is a highway, I want to ride it all night long”. You will see why in a moment.

For the past two years, around this time, I review my past year and make a plan for the future year. I don’t do this because I am a big planner.

I do it to boost my confidence in making big choices to nurture my health and happiness.  

Now, I am a firm believer that I am not really in control of anything and that anything can change at any time. But I also believe in the exact same breath that I am the creator and the director of my life. I can and will make choices along the way.

Total opposites existing at the same time!

I think of life like this…(this is where the highway rolls in)

You are driving down the highway with no exits.  You are moving in one direction and one direction only.  No matter what choices you make, what lane you choose, you are still moving toward the same thing.  It is right here, right now.  And in the end, it is all the same, we all leave this life.

So why not make big choices, big decisions, and really go for what you want!  I know, I know, easily said than done.

Which is why I use a simple excel spreadsheet to write down everything I want/desire in the next year.

And then once it is down on paper, I get the courage and confidence to make choices while cruising down my highway.

Several people have asked me for the spreadsheet which I cannot take credit for.  I discovered it last year via Chris Guillebeau.