My 8 Obsessions For 2015

In honor of December, the month where I spend time honoring and reviewing the past and planning for the future I thought it would be fun to tell you first ….”My 8 Obessions for 2015″.

Obsession seems bad. I mean, the word obsessed means “a thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind”. And it can be bad, especially if it is an unhealthy obsession. But I like to think of obsessions as activities I spend a lot of time doing regularly that make me ME, a healthy and happy me.

I think of them as the things that we truly could not live without (even though I’m sure we could). They are the tried and true things we do most everyday.

These are the things that make me ME. And they are the things that make you YOU.

I invite you to discover your 8 obsessions. Take a look at your life, take a look at you, and reflect on your obsessions. If there are unhealthy ones in there, I invite you to do more of the healthy ones so that you lose the unhealthy ones.  And then do them with pride and celebration!

Okay so onto my 8 obsessions for 2015:

1. I’m obsessed with Latte’s and smoothies in the morning.  After sitting quietly with thoughts (i.e. Meditation) I make myself a latte and a smoothie. I don’t always drink my smoothie right away but it will be consumed by 10:00.

2. Speaking of meditation. I am obsessed. I sit quietly every day. I have learned more about myself by studying my thoughts than any other thing I have ever done. And it’s FREE.

3. I’m obsessed with learning and growing, contemplating and reflecting.  You probably already know this about me if you read these emails.  I am obsessed with growth and growth comes from self-inquiry, learning from others, reading books, taking online and in-person courses, practicing yoga, practicing meditation, journaling, writing, teaching, and probably many more things.  These are the ones I do.  And growth leads to HAPPINESS!

4. I’m obsessed with taking my kids to school and walking them to their classrooms (everyday) and I will do this as long as they will let me. I learn more about them, their friends, their friends parents, their teachers, their janitor, their school grounds, their principal, their yard duties, their life at school! And they are proud to have me by their side.

5. I’m obsessed with making a healthy lunch at home. Everyday during the week you will find me in the kitchen somewhere between 11 and 1 (depending on the day) making a healthy lunch for myself. Sometimes it is leftovers from dinner the previous night but it is always healthy and has some sort of greens involved (Kale, Spinach, Arugula, Romaine).

6.  I’m obsessed with a weekly date night with my husband. We spend one night a week with each other. Uninterrupted quality time with each other. We remind each other we want the same thing, a life filled with love, prosperity, and utter happiness. And we want to do it together. It is an obsession I will NEVER let go of.

7. I’m obsessed with smells, natural ones. Only the good kind of course.  From oils to incense to burning sage to fresh ripe fruit to fresh herbs to natural soaps to fresh flowers.  Anything real, anything natural, anything good. If it ain’t good smelling, it is out, QUICKLY.

8. I’m obsessed with sleep. Some say sleep is overrated. I AM NOT one of those people. I sleep at least 9 hours every night. Sleep is important, it keeps us healthy. I think of it as meditation. My mind is quiet and restful for most of the night and I wake up refreshed and ready to begin again. Let it be known to all the world, I am a sleeper, I am obsessed with sleep.

Okay your turn, tell me your obsessions.

With Love + Appreciation,

PS: I am also obsessed with the sky, the sunrise, the sunset, clouds, stars, birds.  If nature did not exist, I would miss the sky the most! I hope one day I get to see the Northern Lights.