Dedicating Yourself To A Distraction Free Holiday

“Today I will stop looking at images and news feeds that take my focus off what really matters. Today I will distance myself from people who cause me to question what I know is right for me. Today I will discard or destroy items that open wounds from a dream never realized or a past hurt. Today I will offer myself a clear, unfiltered view of the beautiful life I am meant to live.” Excerpt from “A Hands Free Life” written by Rachel Macy

In the name of “distraction from what matters” and “the busyness of life”, this quote struck me deeply. Not only because it is so right on but because it can be so difficult to do.

I have found myself distracted on Social Media numerous times. Not a good distraction, but a distraction of jealousy or sadness or wonder. I wish my life was like that. I wish I had a relationship like that. I wish I was a better mom.

I have found myself questioning what I know is right for me when someone questions my work or my life choices.

I have found myself feeling hurt and sad when a dream I thought was going to turn out did not.

I have found myself opening past wounds of hurt and allowing them to seep into present time.

Haven’t we all…isn’t it the nature of our lives.

Sometimes we feel powerful and confident and solid and sometimes we feel powerless and shy and all over the place.

In that place of powerlessness we are out of touch with our own selves, we may feel lost or unclear.

In these times it is important to shut down our devices, to log off social media, and to distance ourselves from people who bring us down.

And instead offer ourselves a “clear, unfiltered view” of what lies deep within. A clear and unfiltered view comes from giving yourself the space to really be in your life.

Imagine a world with no distraction, no tv, no cars, no airplanes, no telephones. Just you, with the people you love and who love you. Just you…in your life. Imagine the peace you would feel. Imagine the kiss, the hug, the touch, the conversation, those small moments that tend to pass us by.

Our reality is obviously much different, we do live in a world of distraction, so we must make the space for those moments to remember what really matters the most to us.

What really matters to YOU!

The holidays are fast approaching and they are the perfect opportunity to stop and create space to just be.

I hope this holiday season you are able to take in the smell of the christmas trees, the laughter of the children, the sound of the wrapping paper, and the taste of the pie. I hope that you make space to be in your life. It is an opportunity that should not be missed.