How To Gain More Clarity

Last month I was blessed with this little book called “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo.

Have you heard of it?  Many of you probably have and if you haven’t, check it out because it is becoming quite the phenomenon.

It is all about cleaning out your clutter and keeping only the things that spark total joy, and then finding a place for each and everything in your home.

She promises that it will keep you tidy, mess-free, and bring you more clarity into what you truly want in your life.

Who doesn’t want that???

I was going to wait until January to read it because I was in the middle of another book but I couldn’t stop looking at it.

One night after putting my boys to bed, I decided I was just going to look through it. A little sneak peak into my January adventure.  That sneak peak turned into reading half the book and then waking up in the morning and raiding my closet for the clothes, shoes, etc that spark total joy in my life.

2 hours later I was headed to donate 3 huge bags of clothes, shoes, jewelry, hats. I got rid of two-thirds of my closet.

After dropping them off, I felt a rush of anxiety, “what had I done”, I thought.  What if I want that skirt again or that necklace or those pair of shoes. I thought about how I could go back to the goodwill store and re-purchase them. And then I took a deep breath and let the fear of “not having enough” dissipate.

As the day drew dark I realized that I had space in my closet.  I had a smaller hamper, less choices to make about what to wear, I loved everything in my closet.

I realized that this small change, having less clothes was going to bring me more clarity which is something I had prayed for only a few weeks before.

And then I realized that CLARITY was going to officially become my Word of 2016.

And then more clarity came.  What else could I do to create more clarity and bring you more of what you want?  And it arrived like a lightening bolt. I would take one topic each month and study it and gain more clarity.  And each week I would bring you the information that I learned.  Deal?

This month, this January, is all about space and time.  How to create more space in your life, physically, mentally, and emotionally and how creating more space relates to having more time which leads to clarity.

I can tell you one thing already, if you want more clarity, tidying your space with things that ONLY spark joy is #1.

These are my hypothesis’ of course, let’s see if they ring true.