I Failed and Then Fell In Love Again

Hi Beautiful,

I have been in a space of “what next?” “What shall I do next, if anything?”

Have you ever felt that way? Maybe something felt like it failed… a project, a relationship, something you were aiming for.

For me it was a project. In my opinion it had failed. Now that is not to say I didn’t learn a ton from it, I absolutely did! And in that respect it was not a failure.

But with respect to time and money, IT WAS A FAILURE!

It sort of reminds me of a relationship with a partner. We work hard at it, in hopes that we will marry or have children or have a lifetime partnership.

We spend time getting to know the person really well, often lots of time. We give up time with our friends and family, we get intimate with them, we put money into seeing them, we put our heart and soul into it, and then it fails.

And then we have to start all over again. At first, we don’t want to. We wonder, what next? Maybe I should move, run away, hide. We question everything as if our life is over.

But then something happens, we open up, only to meet someone even better. If we had never let go, we would have never known the latter.

“If we had NEVER taken the risk to let go, we risked never falling in love again.”

So here I was in this intimate relationship with a project. I got to know it really well. I spent time on it. I gave up time with my friends and family. I spent money on it. I put my heart and soul into it. And then it was done, it was over. Our relationship was over and it was time to move on. At first I didn’t want to let go, but I knew it was time.

I wondered what next? I questioned my failure as if it was the end. I promised myself I wouldn’t start another project until the other felt successful.

And then I let go completely, I completely let go.

And guess what happened? I am in another project relationship. And I am really excited.

I am taking a risk to fall in love all over again. And it feels really really good.

Is it scary? Definitely, but I am willing to move through the fear.

Take a risk, move through the fear, the world needs you to fall in love all over again.