I support women like you…


…in the work of deep, valuable, and honest connection through listening, sharing, giving, and receiving in your relationship with yourself, your body, your partner, and the world around you. Through these deeper connections, there is more access to joy and fulfillment in your life and this translates to the rest of the world.

Every woman who heals herself,
heals all the women who came before her
and all the women who come after her.
— Christiane Northrup



To help you remember how to trust, honor, support, and love yourself and one another.


autumn healing

journey 2019

An in-person journey with me, my team and 25 women

She is openly listening, she is responsibly sharing, she is respectfully giving, she is courageously receiving. She is here.
— Shauna Lay


yoga in the trees

Yoga In The Trees is an all-inclusive in-person yoga weekend offering you the space to practice yoga and focus inward.