Trust the process

Back in August of 2012, I ended my newsletter with this…I am not sure where my soul will lead me but I am not concerned.  I am content.

As I began to write in the new year of 2013, that last sentence really struck me.

The reason is struck me is because I am still not concerned where my soul will lead me, in fact it has been a sort of relief.  Because no matter what happens I am sure of one thing…it will be okay.

Today as I walked out the door, both my boys were crying, one because his legos broke all over the floor, and the other because I was leaving.  I told them I would be back and then we could talk.  I got to my car, with a smoothie, a coffee, my purse, and my phone in hand thinking, “trust the process”.  This has been a favorite mantra of mine for the past few months.  When the simple pieces of life take me over, I stop myself and I say, “trust the process”.  Because I believe the process is perfect and that all is okay.

2012 was a big year of “doing nothing” for me.  A year of stopping, listening, breathing, and being.  Within that process I started creating, which drove me crazy at times because all of these thoughts were flooding into my mind and I could not seem to settle them down.  On one hand the creating was fun and exciting but on the other hand I wanted it to be one thing, one answer.  I still don’t have one answer but…

Within those creating thoughts I had an epiphany, finally an epiphany. It hit me like a ton of bricks.  I felt an enormous sense of excitement! For this was it, this was what I was supposed to do with all this creativity.  What is it you ask? Interview people.  What? Interview people! For what?  (This is the conversation I am having with you but it is also the conversation I had in my head). Interview people about their strengths, their passions, and their beliefs. Yes, I said, yes, I will interview everyone I know!!!  I couldn’t wait to get home to write down my questions.  About 10 minutes later as I calmed down from my excitement, a sort of disappointing thought entered my head, how are you going to make money interviewing people?  I mean I am not Oprah, I am Shauna Lay.  After that thought, I put the idea aside, if I wasn’t going to make any money doing it, why would I do it?  For the next month it kept on entering into my thoughts.  I kept thinking, this is a soulful thought, I must listen.  I must trust the process.

So now I am sitting here today at my desk telling all of you.  And asking all of you, if I can interview you?  My hope is that we will both get something out of the interview process. I am pretty positive we will.  I know I will.

Thank you for reading, listening, for being YOU.

 With Love and Light and Soulfulness, Shauna