Listening to my soul

It has been awhile since I have written a letter.  I have been taking time to myself to reflect on my journey as a mother, wife, friend, yoga teacher, massage practitioner, and the many other things I enjoy doing.  And what I have found is that I am all of those, yes, but more importantly, most importantly, I just am.  I am a soul who really needs nothing and asks for nothing.  Unfortunately on a practical everyday level I cannot just do nothing.  I find myself putting a load of laundry in, picking up the toys off the floor, cleaning up some spilled milk, wiping my boys hands, calling back a friend, kissing and hugging my boys and husband, running out the door to give massage, coming back home to teach a yoga class, whew!  My inner being, what about my inner being, I don’t even think I took a breath?

And so after reflecting and reflecting and more reflecting, I realized I was DOING to much, and I wasn’t doing enough of nothing.  Of just sitting quietly or lying in Savasana or breathing or writing in my journal or just simply sitting next to my children.  The things that feed my soul right now.  I realized my busyness (is that a word?) or business was getting in the way of my happiness and therefore my families happiness.

So I called up my yoga friends and told them I was taking a break from teaching and that I would no longer be teaching from my home studio.  I was making a changes so that I could sit quietly more often, so that I could do nothing more often.

I am still dabbling in teaching and massaging, of course, but not nearly as much as I was before and I am good.  I am enjoying my children and husband more than ever, I am doing things that I like to do and I am sitting quietly…things that feed my soul.

I am not sure where my soul will lead me but I am not concerned.  I am content.

Thank you for reading, listening, for being YOU.

With Love and Light and Soulfulness,