Space equals freedom

Have you ever thought about how much space you have created in your life?  Have you ever thought of your life as space?  It is an interesting subject to think about.  How much space have you created in your home, in your mind and in your body?

When I look around my home, I think about the space I have created.

Stop and look around you right now.  What do you see?  Is there clutter and if there is, how does that make you feel mentally and physically?  Or Is it clean and how does that make you feel?  Does the space you live in reflect the space in your mind and body?  Maybe, maybe not.

Yoga postures create space in the body for the organs and systems to run smoothly, including the very important nervous system.  Just like in your home or office, if you have created an organized space then the home or office can run more smoothly.

And what about your mental state?  Have you ever thought about creating space there?  Space between thoughts means less thoughts, and less thoughts mean less stories we tell ourselves, less time spent in the past and future and more time spent in the moment. Try creating space when you speak.  It will change the way you communicate with yourself and with others.

If we create more space in our home, in our bodies, and in our mind, then what will that do to our spirit?

Love Shauna