Restore, Relax, and Renew

I am quickly approaching my birthing due date, July 3rd.  My family and I are looking forward to meeting our son, Kai Everett Lay.  He has been a joy to carry.  He has a soft spirit and is really active in the womb.  I imagine him to be a mellow but adventurous little guy. My yoga practice has been very relaxing lately, lots of restorative poses and breathing.  I have been focusing on relaxing my mind and body in hopes of preparing it for birth.  This brings me to my topic for the month.  Yoga and Relaxation!

My last few yoga classes were focused on restorative yoga and breathing.  Every time I teach a relaxation class I remember its importance.  We spend so much of our time moving fast; whether it be driving a car, watching TV, working at a computer, or just plain thinking.  We live very active and stimulating lives.  I always strive for a balance in my life and part of that balance requires relaxation.  No not sleeping (although I love to sleep). I am speaking of a restorative yoga practice. This type of practice is relaxing for the body and for the mind but the mind remains conscious.  I was just telling my students tonight that our yoga practice reflects our life.  So if you are very active in your yoga practice you are probably live a very active life.  If you are lazy in your yoga practice you are probably lazy in your life.  Either way a good balance between relaxation and active poses is good.

What is interesting about yoga is no matter what type of practice you are doing, you feel more clear, more relaxed, and overall you feel better.  That is because each practice is relaxing in its own way.  Practicing asanas and breathing forces you to focus on your body for a period of time.  Such intense focus requires a presence of the mind; such presence creates peace; therefore, resulting in a quieter, clear, relaxed, and less disturbed mind. The more time you spend in the present moment the less you are affected by life’s ups and downs; you realize that everything is okay in every moment.

Love Shauna