Birth = Power

We have been blessed with a healthy baby boy, Kai Everett Lay.  He was born on July 8th, he weighed 6 lbs 15 oz and is 21 inches in length.  He is absolutely beautiful!

The birth was an amazing experience.  It went very smooth and I am thankful for the Kaiser team in Antioch as they played a big part in the success of a smooth birth.

It is amazing to have another baby in my life; my children our my teachers and I have been blessed with another.  I look forward to the many teachings Kai provides.

There are certain instances in our lives where we are naturally more present, more alert, more aligned with each moment.  The birth and death of a human are among those.  They remind us of how powerful the universe is!

Yoga is not just about postures and breathing; it is also about how we relate to ourselves and others; it is about stilling the thoughts in our minds so that we can be at peace with ourselves and others; it is about reaching a state of ultimate bliss and happiness. These joyous and devastating moments in our lives bring us to this state naturally.  They remind me how important my yoga practice is because in times of pure joy or ultimate distress I am completely present and aligned with my inner-self.

Love Shauna