Change and growth

I recently returned from the Vision360 retreat and I am thrilled to report, it was a success!  Ali and I spent the weekend with 15 amazing women!  These women were willing to be vulnerable, get in touch with their most joyous feelings, find purpose in their lives, and create a vision.  The scenery was beautiful, the weather perfect!

Creating Vision360 with Ali was a risk, it was uncomfortable and scary at times.  But all that fear was worth the feeling I have now! We did it and we did it well and I am so proud of us.  And I am so very grateful to all that attended!  Without you, the conversation that I love having so much would not have been possible.

Check out our Vision360 recap video (created by Ali Schiller).

Thank you for reading, listening, for being YOU.

With Love and Light and Soulfulness,

Shauna Lay