I’m reading the “Gifts of Imperfection” by Brene Brown and “Radical Acceptance”  by Tara Mohr.  I find it interesting that these two books were recommended to me by two different people within a couple days of each other.  The goal of my contemplative Fall/Winter 2013-2014 is no self-judgement which also means no judgement of others. Which to me means acceptance of all that is, even if it seems imperfect.

Note to self and those reading…this subject is a difficult one for me because it gets me really mad.

Both books are about accepting ourselves as we are with all of our imperfections. We are so judgemental of ourselves, we think we aren’t good enough, we aren’t pretty enough, our body isn’t fit enough, we are too fat, too shy, too whatever. We judge ourselves for eating the wrong things, we feel bad bad bad about just about everything we do.  Whatever it is we say about ourself, too ourself that is in judgement is toxic to living a happy fulfilled life. It really is a sickness and its an epidemic!  Excuse my language, but what the fuck is perfect anyway!!  See I told you this subject irritates me.

Perfection is relative! It’s what we think is perfect. We must love ourselves as we are!! Why the heck not, what do we have to lose if we love ourselves fully! I’ll tell you, we have everything to gain!!  We are all imperfect and that is perfect! Come on people, where are we going in all of our busyness? Where are we headed with all of our judgement? We are headed to a place of getting old, lying in bed, wondering what the heck?!? Wondering why we didn’t go for it! Why we didn’t believe in ourselves? Why we thought we were unloveable and worthless. Because it’s then we will realize that were worthy.

Let’s not wait for that moment when this earthly life is over for us. We were given this body for a purpose and that sole purpose is to love and accept ourselves fully, deeply as we are with all of our imperfections. And that also means loving everyone and everything else just as it is. I’m on a journey to do just that! Anyone want to join me?!?

Thank you for reading, listening, for being YOU.

With Love and Light and Soulfulness,

Shauna Lay