You must first, believe

The other day my youngest son said to me…when I grow up I want to make a portal so that we can travel to other places in an instant.

My first thought was, that is impossible.  You can’t actually do that.  I caught myself because I know enough to know that I should not kill his dreams.

So instead of crushing his little heart, I said, that is so cool, how are you going to make that happen?  He began to tell me all the ways he will make that happen. First, I will become a scientist, he said. Good plan, I thought.

But more importantly he wholeheartedly believes in his dream. There is no doubt in his mind that he can create a portal.

I doubt my own dreams. I believe they are impossible and I cannot make them happen. I put limits on them.

There is NOT one part of me that believes I could create a portal. Even though it is not my dream, I obviously have limits.

Recently, I decided my next dream is to buy a cabin in Tahoe. I hadn’t told anyone because as soon as I decided, I started doubting myself and wondering how it was actually going to happen.

It really got me wondering. Why do we sabotage our own dreams? Why do we say we want something and then don’t even go after it?  Why don’t we believe?

While I don’t know the exact answers to these questions, what I do know is that it doesn’t have to be this way.  This is what I have discovered from observing my beliefs and my limits.

First, you must believe you can have what you desire.

If you do not believe you have already sabotaged it. Believing it is the single most important thing you can do to make it happen.

I recently heard a story that totally inspired me.  A study was done with a set of hotel maids.  They measured the exercise they were getting by changing the bed sheets, vacuuming, and cleaning.  They found that the amount of exercise they were getting was way above the amount that any one person needs to be thin.  But all of these women were overweight.

So they told half of the women that they were getting more than enough exercise to lose weight.  And they told the other half nothing.

Within one month all of the women had lost weight just from changing their beliefs.

Guess what happen with the other half, yep, nothing, they stayed the same.

Second, you have to become so attached to it, so inspired by it, so committed to it that you continue to believe in it.

You cannot just simply believe in one moment.  You must continually re-visit it and feel it over and over again. And that, my love, requires a change in your mind.

You will no doubt go back to your old beliefs, your old ways.

You have to wake up every morning with an intention that you are going to go out and create your day, create your life. You are going to take one step, make one change in your life that leads you to your desires.

Third, you must take action.

You must begin to do the things that you are required to do to make it happen. You cannot just sit on your couch and will it.

Most of us want something but we aren’t really willing to take the steps to make it happen.  Not really.

We see the vision, we see the future but because it isn’t already here we say, it is not happening.  It isn’t working.  If it were already here, it wouldn’t be your vision. You would have a different vision.

We give up way to fast.

You live moment to moment doing the same things you were doing yesterday and nothing changes. The desire will not come alive unless you begin to make a change. DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

So then…

What is your dream? What do you really want? Are you willing to believe in it?  Are you willing to commit to it?  Are you willing to do the things, create the changes that are going to make that thing happen. 

I invite you to start thinking in this way. Start planning for your future, start making changes in your life to become happier, healthier, more present, more involved, give back, make more money, whatever it is. Start those changes in your mind. Don’t sabotage your dreams!  Become them.