Talk to your body with kindness

There is this kind of devotion I have with my body, like a pact you might have with a friend. I promise to take care of you to the best of my ability and knowing.

I am pretty sure I was born with pain in my body. I am pretty sure that everything that has occurred with my body has been and still is present for a reason.

Even though I have pain, I treat my body with kindness and so much love.

Has it always been this way? Definitely not!

I used to get angry at my body because it is a painful body. I carry around pain in my neck and back and hips and have for as long as I can remember.

I used to get mad at my legs because they weren’t muscular and they had cellulite. I didn’t like my boobs because they were too small. My hair was too thick. My feet too baby like. My stomach too sensitive. My eyes too small. My eyelashes too short.

And yet with all this judgement, my body is just a body.  It wishes that I accepted it fully. It tries its very best to work efficiently.  It desires my full acceptance.

I have learned over time that if I talk to my body with kindness it is sooo much happier.  It actually works better FOR me and I have less pain.

I have learned over time if I accept my body fully, I feel better in it. I am more comfortable in it.  And what is better than being comfortable in your body.

I have this theory that if you are happy in your body, you are happy in your life.

I tell you this because I believe wholeheartedly in the importance of treating our bodies amazingly well. It is different for everyone. What we choose to do to care for our bodies is as unique as our human experience.

I shared all of this on our recent live call Reflect and Recharge Your Body.  And I shared how I got to this point with my body.  Hint:  It took a lot of planning and action taking.

Take a listen.  I also share a really cool meditation that I do called Rainbow Cells.