What is sadness an expression of?

Let’s look at sadness next. This is one of my favorite emotions to move through because it usually involves some sort of crying. I love to cry because it is such a release and when I cry I am able to really feel the emotions coming through and the truth comes out. Yep, sadness is an expression of THE.TRUTH.

If you are looking for the truth in an experience you are bound to find it in your tears. 

I usually cry when I am grieving the loss of someone but I also cry when I am aware of the truth. Both of which brings me to awareness of what is truly important to me.

It gives me information about who I am and what I truly desire. It allows me to feel my fears and release them. It brings me back to wholeness if I have felt lost, it brings me back into balance emotionally, and it shows me new possibility. It is a blessing!

I felt sadness the other day when I saw my son lying on the ground looking up at the sky. He had just went through a difficult moment and felt the urge to lie down on the grass and look up at the sky. I found him there and decided to lie down next to him. I said to him, it’s hard sometimes and then he laid his head on my chest and we cried together. I could feel his sadness and it invoked mine. At that moment I realized there was nothing more important than being there with him. And that being in that moment was nurturing for our relationship. It was a beautiful moment of shared sadness.

After we lay there for a bit we got up and had some ice cream together.

And that’s it! It can be that simple if you allow yourself to feel it.

Are your fears released through sadness? Can you get through the tidal wave of sadness to some kernel of truth? Let us know in the comments below.

With Love + SO much Appreciation,