Today I cried.

Today I cried.

I cried for all the women of the world who have been unsupported, betrayed, judged, shunned, outcasted, and so much more.  And not only by men, but by other women.

So…I cried for ALL of us.

It showed up as a story, many stories in my own life.

Stories of trying to be good, do the right thing, fit in, be unique, be strong, be confident, be me and all the while feeling judged, talked about, outcasted, unsupported, and/or wronged.

Stories of judging, talking about, outcasting, not supporting, and wronging other women while they were simply working on being good, doing the right thing, fitting in, being unique, being strong, being confident, being there unique selves.

Yes I have been a part of it too.

We are and have been part of a societal norm which has looked like envy, comparison, judgement, and betrayal between women.

It manifests differently in each one of us. We take on different traits and roles.

It isn’t our fault, it’s what we were taught by our mothers, who were taught by their mothers and their mothers. It is how they learned to survive.

And now we have a unique opportunity to change it. To heal.

It begins by witnessing each other. Sharing what feels true and listening without judgment, comparison, envy, or wronging.  I am deeply learning this art. It has been taught to me by my mentor Jeannine Yoder and currently by my beautiful mentor Becca Piastrelli.

Women have been coming together and healing for hundreds of years but it hasn’t been accepted. Thankfully, that is changing rapidly.

It may not be easy but it’s worth it.

Let’s Heal Together!