My favorite products 2017

It’s December and I am deeply inward. It is a beautiful time right now. I feel the power of the holidays and the entering of Wintertime. It always feels so good to me.

I have been doing so much yoga and breathing and contemplation and quiet meditation.  These practices help me develop a deeper awareness of my own being.

I have also been sitting by the fire, enjoying time with my boys (we had an impromptu date last night), looking at the tree lights, and saying hello to the sun as it enters the kitchen every morning. The simplest of things bring me so much joy.

Products also make me happy. I simply LOVE feel good, self-care products.

This morning while taking a shower it occurred to me that it would be fun to record a video of my 8 favorite products. I did this a few years back and it was so much fun that I decided to do it again. This time with all new products except for one because I love it so much.

Most of the products I use are all-natural and all of them support my well-being and I hope they will support yours too!

Watch the video now.

#1 Olive Oil – This can be purchased anywhere.  It is best to get a good grade of oil. If you live in California it is easy to get it locally which makes it more rich and powerful.  You can also infuse it with herbs.  Cut a bunch of herb and peel the leaves from the stems using your fingers. Drop it in a cup of olive oil and place it in your window for 2 weeks. Strain the oil from the herbs and place it into a clean jar. Enjoy!

#2 Pacifica Nail Polish –

#3 Rosewater – Get it here at thrive market.

#4 Soul Power Nutrient Boost –

#5 Davines Oi Oil – I wasn’t sure how natural this brand is and I checked it out and it is way more natural than I thought, hooray. And it is an eco-driven company.

#6 Frankincense Oil – Buy this oil from any DoTERRA consultant or any other oil company you love. Here is an article I found that states many of the benefits of using this oil. WOW. I am excited to learn more about plant medicines in the near future.  I have been dabbling in plant medicines for the last decade and I can’t wait to expand my knowledge even more.

#7 My very own Chapstick – you have to make this one. This recipe was originally derived from my friend Becca Piastrelli.  I adjusted her recipe a bit to make the consistency I desire.


2 tbsp coconut oil (plus a little more), 2 tbsp shea butter (plus a little more), 4 tsp beeswax pellets, 40 drops of essential oil of your choice. Make sure the oil is safe to put on your skin. I use lavender. You will need about 10 lip balm tubes.

Combine coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax pellets in a double boiler and heat until fully melted. Remove from heat and add essential oil. Swirl around to combine and pour into lip balm containers. Let sit to cool and harden for about 1 hour.  Enjoy!

#8 (DUPLICATE alert) Bare Minerals Warmth – I love this stuff so much that I had to include it again.  It is that good. Get it here.

#9 (Because #8 is a duplicate) Therapy Balls – Get these on Amazon.


#1 Yoga Pretzels –  Get these on Amazon.

#2 Feather Earrings  from Dragonfly Diva Jewelry – Check out her Facebook Page to learn more.

With Love + SO much Appreciation,