A new way to track your money

Last week I asked you if you wanted to change your relationship with money and you responded.  I received so many comments (thank you)!  Some of you said YES, some of you said no, and some of you questioned what that actually meant.

You got me excited because I realized the importance of this topic and I also realized that I am not alone, most of us want to change our relationship with money.

And so I begin with this money changing attitude trick.

About a month ago I came across a blog written by “Lucky Bitch”, the money teacher. She said instead of focusing on what you are spending, focus on what you are making. I had never heard that before. I do my usual accounting and know what I am making and what I am spending but I have never tracked what I am MAKING….DAILY.

She says “Money tracking daily keeps you mindful of what’s actually going on in your life, helps you appreciate the abundance around you, and sometimes gets your butt into gear to make more money.  But most of all – it stops you feeling bad about money and making up stories about your ability to earn money (Denise Duffield-Thomas).

I don’t know about you, but I was sold on that last part, it stops you feeling bad about money and making up stories about your ability to earn money.  That is definitely something I struggle with.

So what did I do, I started money tracking daily.  And holy moly, it has been such an eye opener.  First, I am having so much fun jotting down all the money I am making.  And if I find change around the house, I count it as money I am making and it goes directly in my wallet.  Many days it is $0.25 or $0.52 and then there are days where I am making a lot more than that.

This is what I have learned so far with this money changing attitude trick:

1. ALL MONEY IS VALUABLE. We put value on money itself. We value a $10 bill more than we value a penny.  We don’t get excited about money unless it is a significant amount. But in reality, it is all valuable, money is money.

2. OUR ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING.  We aren’t always happy about the money we make.  We may think we should make more or we may feel that it is not enough.  Our attitude shapes our reality about money. Excitement around making money is vital to making more.

3.  OUR VALUE IS NOT DEPENDENT ON WHAT WE MAKE. We think we need to earn lots of money to be of value. This is totally false and untrue.

4.  APPRECIATE AND TAKE CARE OF EVERY CENT YOU MAKE. We don’t truly appreciate what we are making even though we many think we do.  It is said that more abundance will enter your life if you truly appreciate what you already have.  I can see how this is very true and how we may think we are truly appreciating our money when in fact we are not.

If money is something you worry about or struggle with, try this money changing attitude trick.  Track the money you are making, every single day.  Thank you “Lucky Bitch”!  Be careful, it may totally shift your mind set 

In the comments below, let me know what resonates with you, if you focus more on spending money or more on making money. And let me know if you have any tips or tricks on how we can all better our relationship with money. I would love to hear them.