Let’s change our relationship with money

A couple of months ago I wrote this about TIME,

“As much as possible, I spend my time on things that matter to me. I enjoy spending time doing nothing.  I spend my time wisely and I am very organized and efficient with my time.  And I really appreciate and receive time.”

And then I wrote this about MONEY,

“I want to be able to spend money on things that really matter to me and I want to spend it on nothing. I want to spend my money wisely and be very organized and efficient with my money. I want to allow money to flow in and really receive it with appreciation and joy.”

Money is a complicated topic. It is one of those things I struggle with in my mind. I think we all do or at least a lot of us.

I don’t have enough. I do have enough. I need more.  I don’t need more.  I wish I had more.  I don’t need more.  It is back and forth craziness.

This month I have decided to take on the topic of money. One month doesn’t seem long enough, it seems like a topic that may take years to really figure out but I am willing to dive deep this month to change my relationship with money. 

What about you?  How do you feel about money? Would you love to change you relationship with it?  Let me know in the comments below.

And if you answered yes, let’s take hands and join together and figure out this whole money thing. I promise you I will look at this subject over the next month and bring you everything I discover.

Let’s do this.  Holy moly.