A new awareness is arising within...

The overall state of humanity is unwell. Everything we have known is breaking down and we are in a time of uncertainty and fear.

I (we) cannot be completely well and happy and cared for if the majority of people are not well and happy and cared for.

I (we) cannot be completely well and happy and cared for if our earth is not well and cared for.

It just isn't possible.

It isn't just about I, it's about we.

"Just do we" instead of "Just do you"
"Share our gifts" instead of "Share your gifts"
"All-care" instead of "Self-care"
"Working together" instead of "Working on yourself"

This is what I am feeling. Can you feel how the change in words shifts your focus, your awareness?

"Just do we" means do what you came on this earth to do alongside everyone else. "Share our gifts" means share your gifts alongside everyone else.

All-care means making choices that affect all people not just the self.

Working together means helping each other to heal.

All of it means, accepting who you are in it's complete fullness and joining together with others to be a part of our changing world.

It's collaborative and in a system that has been built on oppression, this is what we need to survive.

I believe we are ALL here on this earth at this time to be a part of this collaboration.

To be a part of this change toward the overall happiness of humanity.

I have become aware of my part.

For me, I am a bridge. I work in the worlds of shadow and light. Of suffering and freedom, of pain and joy. I live in the middle and I am meant to be there. I feel everything.

I feel the pain of the homeless person or the ill person or the person who is mentally unwell.

I feel the pain of the dying systems and the joy of new systems being created.

I feel the suffering of all of humanity.

And I came here to feel it and to assist in alchemizing it.

I came here to pray for the healing of the world and to assist in acting within that prayer.

It has taken some time to unravel this.

At a very young age, I felt what everyone else felt in a big way.

And I made it wrong and created a shield. Because in a world where feeling is simply not okay and has been made wrong, it was unsafe to feel.

I shielded it for a long time and I became unwell.

Now I know it is not a bad thing and that I don't have to shield it.

I still sometimes wish I was different and that I didn't feel so much but I know that is just fear sneaking in to say that I am not okay and that I need to do more or be more or be different than I am.

I know that I am safe to feel.

To feel everything is such a big job but I am not alone. There are many others and they are doing the same work.

If you are here and still reading, you are part of this too. You may do it differently. We all do it slightly different. But we have been called to come together and to share are unique gifts as a "we" culture.

I now know that it is less important to focus on "working on myself" and much more important to focus on working together.

I now know that I am not the focus anymore, humanity is.

I now know that enlightenment for myself is no longer the goal.

Enlightenment for ALL is the goal.

The focus is on everyone as a whole.

I have always known it, I just forgot. And maybe I needed to forget to gain the strength and the contentment within myself to become a part of the bigger work.

That's probably true.

And so I sit here today with this new awareness and I need time to let it really sink in. Because it feels like a lot. When new awareness comes in, it takes time to integrate it. It cannot be rushed. I have learned that.

Writing this is already helping.

So thank you for being a part of this journey, this journey of the whole, of the "we".

Thank you for witnessing me as I witness you.

With love, Shauna