Why develop your mind-body connection

Yoga develops your mind-body connection.  

You have probably heard this before and maybe you aren’t sure what it means, I didn’t know when I first began doing yoga.  I knew it was changing my mind and body but I didn’t know why and I didn’t know I was developing the connection.

Imagine, you are in class, your teacher is instructing you to get into the pose, once you are there, she begins to tell you to ground your foot, stretch your arm, rotate your chest.  Your mind goes to your foot and then your arm and then your chest.

When you practice yoga your mind talks to your body, telling it what you want it to do.

As you practice this, you are able to talk to many parts of your body at one time and the body begins to listen.

And a remarkable thing happens, your body begins to talk to your mind.  It begins to tell your mind what it needs.

It says things like, no I don’t need you to move that foot there because that doesn’t feel right, I need you to move it here instead, ah that is better.

As you develop your mind-body connection everything improves, from stress levels, to anxiety, to pain in the body, to relationships.  

You are more connected to your mind and body and they are more connected to each other and that connection deepens as you practice.

How has yoga helped develop your mind-body connection?  Leave me a comment below.

Love Shauna