If in the end we all die...

Truth be told.  In the end we all die no matter what we choose.  It is the one thing we all have in common, the one thing.

Yesterday I had a conversation about making choices and taking risks and it really got me thinking.  When we are faced with a decision, it means we have a choice.  Within those choices there are risks.

But are we really taking a risk?  If in the end, we die, how do we know we are taking a risk, how do we know whether our choices are right or wrong? What if we lived forever?  Would risk not exist.

There is no way to tell.

And what if there is a plan, what if the time of death is already planned for us?

What if your only real choice is to be in your life?  To be acutely aware of everything around you, to love unconditionally, to take care of yourself, to go for what you want, to be confident in your choices and to do what makes you feel good.

What if?!?

I wonder what the world would be like?

And one more thing…tell everyone you love just how much you love them, today, tomorrow, and always.  We all need to hear that as much as possible.

Love, Shauna