Vision Board

Last year I created a visual of my vision, sometimes referred to as a vision board.  I had been writing about my vision and creating my affirmations for years but I had never created a visual.  Being that I love art and creativity, I thought it would be fun.

The first step to creating my vision was to decide what I wanted my vision to be about. Sounds simple but I was unsure. I knew I wanted it to come straight from my soul so that it would be authentic. So I sat in presence with myself, that way I could go deep inside. The answer showed itself; my vision would include all the things that are most important to me! It would be a vision of myself, as a whole person!

Over the next few weeks I went through magazine after magazine and cut out pictures, words, quotes, virtually anything I was drawn to. I laid them all out and I gathered the clippings that I could not live without.  While holding my clippings, I felt both surprised and courageous. Surprised because I thought it would look different and courageous because it was my vision, not a vision I thought others would like. I was so excited when it was finished because I found it to be beautiful to look at.  It felt authentic! In that moment, I knew I was headed in the right direction; I knew I was embarking on a journey of not only imagining and seeing my vision, but making choices for creating it.

At first I hid it behind my door because I was still hiding from myself. But just as a butterfly emerges from a cocoon, I began to emerge from my cocoon.  Now my vision board is on the internet for all to see!

I firmly believe in creating a vision because it points us in the right direction.  It is easy for outside influences to influence our inner wants and desires. Our own mind even gets in the way.  We have to stop, dig deep, and listen to our innermost wants and desires.  And then once we can hear it and see it, then we can make the choices for creating our vision of our life.  We get in the way by not opening our eyes to the opportunities that lie in front of us.  By not being present in our own life.

Make a vision, engage in life, and then listen! I bet you’ll be surprised!  I’ll bet you’ll arrive at your visionary place.  And when you do, guess what, you get to create another vision!

Thank you for reading, listening, for being YOU.

With Love and Light and Soulfulness, Shauna