Annual Review

Dear Friends,

First off, Happy New Year’s!! I hope you celebrated happily with your loved ones. 

A few weeks ago I wrote about all the goal setting techniques I have been inspired to do this new year. This time, as promised, I will share the details.

I am going to warn you though, this is a long letter, so if you are not interested no worries  Feel free to close now.

Here it goes:

The Vision:

One of the practices during the creation of my Business Vision was to write out my dream.  It was one of my favorite parts.  This is my dream:

“My dream is to teach practices that develop spiritual co-creation and healing among all people.  To show that spirituality is about remembering who you are and sharing your uniqueness with the rest of the world.  My dream is to teach more….more retreats, more classes, more, more, more.”

The Goal Calendar:

A calendar, any calendar. I have written down one goal per month.  And it is only for business.  I chose business because it is one of my main focuses for this year. Simple, yet so effective.  

The Annual Review:

The Annual Review had several parts to it.

The first part was all about what went well and what didn’t go so well, so here are the high-lights and low-lights of that practice.

What went well in 2014 (highlights):

I held my first Vision retreat and first Yoga retreat and they were both a great success.  I have been wanting to hold a retreat for many years and finally had the confidence to make it happen. 
I connected with my husband more this year.  We had a lot of date nights thanks to our team of babysitters. I volunteer at both my kids schools and have a great connection with their teachers.  I started teaching yoga in my son’s K classroom and I am continuing to do so in 1stgrade. 
I developed a larger connection with my girlfriends this year and I feel very fulfilled in that part of my life.  I have really beautiful friendships.
I am more organized in my house this year and feel connected to my home.  I cleaned my garage, organized my attic, framed pictures, made picture albums, amongst other stuff.
I took two online E-Courses.
I filmed and created the Yoga for Back Pain Online Course. Coming out early Spring 2015. I also taught three back care workshops in studio and they were a huge success.
I traveled more this year than I ever have in one year.  I learned that I love to travel and really love to be at home too.  What didn’t go so well (lowlights):

I didn’t make as much money as I had hoped through my business.  And I felt like I worked a lot, more than I ever have. I saved less money than I would have liked,

I did not put my “Yoga For Back Pain” course, online.  I created all the content but didn’t get it onto the website.  Was I scared, hell yes, it’s going online.
I wanted to do more cardio than I did.  I got a bike for my birthday and didn’t ride it as much as I had hoped.
I co-created on a few different projects that didn’t take off this year.  Hopefully 2015.

The next part of this process was to create a purpose, outcome, and theme for 2015.  This was very easy after having done all the previous exercises.

It goes something like this:

Purpose:  In 2015 I will revamp my finances, exercise and meditate more, It will be the best business year ever, etc.

Outcome:  At the end of 2015, I will have contributed fully to our savings, IRA, and college accounts.  I will be in the best physical and mental shape up-to-date.  I will have fulfilled my travel needs, etc…

Theme:  My theme in 2015 is Alignment.  That means I will focus on aligning with my own truth.  Owning it to be exact.

The next part was to create categories for all the things I want to focus on in 2015.  

Here are mine (in no particular order):

Finances, Exercise, Wellness, Food, Travel, Blog, Spiritual Work, Business, Give Back, Family and Friends, Cleanse.

Then I wrote down a summary of the actions I would like to take for each category.

Then I broke down the summary into a list of actions.

Next I wrote the first thing I need to do to complete each action with a dated deadline.

And lastly I wrote down any additional goals I had.

Phew!  It sounds like a lot but once I started writing everything down it was flowing out of me like water and it got me really excited about the new year.

And I haven’t stopped thinking about it since, in fact, I have added some things.

With Love and Light,

Shauna Lay