Back Pain - Six postural zones

Did you know, in modern America no one over the age of four squats because our hips aren’t flexible enough, we spend too much time in chairs. Have you ever tried to squat as much as a two-year old? One day, I decided to put this to the test.  I followed my son around doing the exact movements he did and after about an hour I couldn’t sustain.  I really couldn’t believe it; here I am a yoga teacher and I can’t keep up with the squatting and bending of my two year old. I made a promise to myself to never force him to sit in a chair at home, even at the dinner table (ironically we don’t have a dinner table).

So why is sitting in chairs a problem?  Because the body is engineered for movement. You can’t expect to sit for 40-50 hours a week without consequences.  The most common complaint I get in my classes is back pain.  Back pain is almost non-existent in the East, where they sit on the floor. 

As you know from my last newsletter I recently taught a Back Care Workshop.  It was a great success because I quickly decided to offer another Back Care Workshop as a series of classes. I am passionate about helping people get out of their rut and start paying attention to not only how much they move but how they move.

The series is 6 weeks and we will discuss the six postural zones: Floor of pelvis, feet, core (Transverse Abdominis and psoas), shoulders (serratus anterior), breath (diaphragm), and head.  I will show you how you can “wake up” these parts of the body through yoga and how a consistent yoga practice will help you live a healthier, happier, and pain-free life.


Love, Shauna