Why is feeling our emotions so important?

Today I went to the gym and I was doing thigh work and it was burning. I’ve been doing thigh work for years and it still burns and it still isn’t easy but my muscles have changed and become so much stronger because of it.

I recognized while doing the work that our muscles and bodies change from allowing ourselves to go to those uncomfortable places.

Yoga is the same. When you get into a pose and stay, there is a point to where it gets uncomfortable for the body.  The muscles feel tired or tight. The only way to create change in the body is by staying and breathing through the places that feel uncomfortable. It isn’t about pushing ourselves more, it’s about being with the pain.

The same is true for our emotions.  When we sit in the pain of the emotion, we begin to change.  When we avoid it, run away from it, judge it, tell ourselves we are wrong or let others tell us we are wrong for feeling the way we do, we will not look for the information in it that allows us to transform our lives and make better decisions.

I talk more about this on this video today.

Watch the video and in the comments below, let us know which emotions you shy away from.