Sadness is a good thing

I enjoy being sad.  Not all the time but when it occurs inside of me I welcome it.

Why?  Because it brings a sense of calm and peace after it resides. In the moment it is full of tears.  It can feel confusing and scary and sometimes heartbreaking depending on the situation.

But after there is a sense of release that comes from bouts of sadness.  The tears roll down my face representing the release of all the emotions that are inside of me. It is a release and a letting go.

Not only do I welcome sadness, but I welcome the entire rainbow of emotions.  Some are more difficult to be in but I can feel how all of them are necessary and helpful for my growth as a person and my overall well-being.

All emotions teach us about ourselves.

They teach us what we love and what we don’t love.  They teach us what patterns we hold inside ourselves.  They teach us what light us up.  Beliefs we hold.  Things that are valuable or invaluable to us.  They are our guidance system.

But instead of looking for the lesson, we feel like something is wrong if we are sad or angry or anxious or even happy.  We try and come up with reasons for why we shouldn’t feel the way we do.

I get it because I used to do that too.  I used to think that I had to wipe away my tears when I was sad. That sadness was bad.  I would apologize when I cried.

We have been trained to shy away from feeling our emotions. Sometimes we don’t even know how we feel.

I believe it is so important to feel the emotion and accept the truth of it.  Not the…I’m angry but I’m not supposed to feel this way so something is wrong…or worse I am going to pretend that I’m not angry.

And interestingly if we don’t actually feel the emotion fully and feel the truth of the experience, the body holds onto the anger and the mind holds onto the experience and then a pattern is created.  (This is a whole other topic).  And the energy does not shift.

Allow your energy to shift from sad to angry to happy to excited. Feel everything without shying away from anything.  Feel it, be in it, and then let it go.  

When you feel something that feels uncomfortable (and this can be a positive emotion as well). Take a deep breath and feel it in your heart and then go deeper and feel it in your pelvic bowl. And then feel it in your entire body. Become present to the feeling of it, name it and then let it go.