How to live a more pleasure filled life

After writing last week about guilt and shame, I realized that each emotion has a deeper emotion that it can turn into.  Guilt turns to shame.  Anger turn to hate. Sadness turns to depression.

This was an exciting revelation because it means the pleasurable emotions do the same. The more we feel our pleasure the deeper it gets.

So how exactly do we cultivate more pleasurable emotions in our life experiences?

I will let you in on a little secret.  You have to choose them.  You either have to choose the experience that you know will produce a pleasurable feeling or you have to choose to find pleasure in the midst of pain or a challenge.

We are always looking for the experience to create our happiness.  But we choose happiness.

For example, imagine you are headed on vacation. You think… I am so excited to get away.  It’s going to be fantastic. And then you get there and you feel disappointed because it is not what you expected. There are crowds of people, it’s too hot, and the hotel you chose is dirty.  You have a choice, you can dwell in the disappointment  or you can choose to see the good in the experience, the beautiful beach that is a few steps away and the nice man opening the door for you.  You get to CHOOSE. You also get to choose whether you will stay or go home, whether you will stay in the dirty hotel or get another hotel.


Now, some of you are probably saying but what about painful challenges or life situations that choose you. Like the development of an illness.  And to that I say, I believe we choose these life experiences as well and whether you believe that or not, you still get to choose how you respond to your experience. 

Feel the pain, always feel the pain, take the information and then choose to feel the pleasure in every single life experience you have.

This will absolutely change your life. I’d love to know if you’ve had situations in which you were able to see the good in the bad..drop a comment below!