Dead or alive?

Hello Love,

The other day I grabbed a bag of potatoes in my kitchen. On the bag, it said, “Imperfect Potatoes, Cosmetically Challenged, Farmers and Reduce Food Waste.”

I looked at the potatoes and thought…REALLY, they look okay to me.

There was clearly nothing wrong with them, but because they are imperfect they may not sell.  Do they look imperfect to you? (see above picture)

And then I thought, what about all the cans of potatoes that are sold. I bet you they are imperfect, but because they have pretty labels, they sell.

So the potatoes that are just picked, that still have life in them, that will provide you with the nutrients your body needs are thrown out because they are ugly.  But the potatoes that are canned, and have very little to no life in them, do not provide you with the nutrients your body needs are sold no problem, because they have  a pretty label that makes you believe you are buying something that is good for you.


Food is energy and it will make you feel alive. It will provide you with the energy you desire to have.  But only if you eat food that is ALIVE, ugly or not, irregular or not.

It will not provide you with energy or make you feel alive if it is dead food.  Canned food is dead food.

You can think of it like this.

When you pick your food and eat it right away, it has the most life because it just died.

When you buy your food at grocery stores it may have just been picked (if it is local) or it may have been picked, placed on a truck, driven for days to its destination, delivered, and stocked.

The closer it is to dying before it is consumed, the more life and energy it has to give to you.  Which means less need for food. We tend to eat more than we need to eat because the food we consume is already dead so it isn’t providing the nutrients our body needs.  So we continue to eat to try and give it what it needs only to find ourselves over-eating.

Try and choose your foods based on where it came from or how far it traveled and what processes it has gone through.  The more alive foods you choose, the more local and in season foods you eat, the more energy you will have.

I know this is not an easy thing to do all the time.  It isn’t always easy to shop at your local farmers market or drive 25 miles for milk straight from the cow. I get it.  Sometimes it is easier to open a can of potatoes.  But if we do it in little increments and feel into the aliveness of our food we will feel the affects and notice the energy it provides and we will want more of it.  And that will begin to curb our choices and we will begin to make better choices to support our bodies.

The next time you go to choose your foods, I offer you this practice.  Stop and think about how alive your food is? Where has it come from?  How far did it travel?  What kind of process has it gone through?