Acceptance is necessary

Acceptance is absolutely necessary when going through changes within the spiritual growth process. It is actually a thought process that is essential for finding happiness, joy, and true love of self.

Last year I attended a meeting at my kids elementary school. We were having a discussion around adding an enrichment program to our school to move it forward. Many of the other schools in our are have one in place. There were such ideas as a science program and a gate program. I was disappointed in the meeting as a whole. It wasn’t because the programs that were being requested weren’t great, it was because we don’t already have one in place. I walked away feeling a bit angry. I was not in acceptance of what is. I had this strong feeling that I wanted to take my kids right out of the school and move them.

After letting my feelings loose by speaking about them with my closest advisors and my family, I knew from past experiences that acceptance was key to moving myself forward.

I took a deep breathe and realized that I wasn’t accepting what is and began the process.

I began seeing the strong aspects of the school, noting what is good.

And then it dawned on me that what I want to see in the school is a strong mindful program where our kids could learn respect for themselves and others.

I began to see the opportunity that was right in front of me.

Why had I been at that meeting? Why was I there? The answers revealed themselves but only after I allowed myself to be in full acceptance of what was and is.

I imagine there is something you are going through right now that could use your full acceptance. Let’s begin the practice of acceptance.

1. Call up a close advisor, one you trust and tell them how you feel about it. Communicate your feelings so that you can see the truth of what is happening.

2. Allow the feelings to be there and experience them fully.  When we experience uncomfortable feelings they are revealing something to us. They are a way for us to inquire within to wonder what is going on.  If we don’t fully experience them, they will turn into pain. If we breath and fully feel them, they turn into choice.

3. Look at the positive side of what is happening. Notice and write down the positive parts of the experience.  The things you may not be noticing that are good.

4. Surrender so that the opportunity can reveal itself. When you surrender, you FULLY accept and let go of the outcome. You don’t worry about what might happen or hold onto what is currently happening.  In this way, the opportunity will reveal itself.

Don’t let the thoughts in your head tell you to hold on tight. Say over and over, I fully accept this moment, this situation as it is. I trust the process.

Practice this until you are in full acceptance.

Keep practicing it in every situation you encounter.

Fill up your acceptance bank.

This will set you up for success in the spiritual growth process which leads to happiness, joy, and true love of self.

Can you recall an uncomfortable situation in your past? Are you dealing with one now? Try to visualize surrendering and accepting that feeling.  Can you share it with us with a comment below? It does help to share experiences.